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First Flips, Gymnastics

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First Flips Gymnastics Recreational & Preschool Classes will resume Monday June 15!
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Girls Intermediate - 6+ Yrs Old (By Placement Only) - 90 Minutes

Skill-based program with progressive skill development. On-going evaluation to ensure appropriate progression and placement from Beginner to Advanced. 

Please call the Front Office to inquire about enrolling in this class as it is by placement only. 

Session Dates for School Year 2020 -2021

Classes run in 5 week sessions.  Classes will automatically be pro-rated for pre-planned closings.  If your class falls on a holiday or pre-planned closed date then you will not pay for that class.  

Session 1: August 24th - September 26th (closed September 7th)

Session 2: September 28th - Ocober 31st

Session 3: November 2nd - December 5th (closed November 26th - 28th)

Session 4: December 7th - January 16th (closed December 21st - January 2nd, January 8th & 9th)

Session 5: January 18th - February 20th

Session 6: February 22nd - March 27th

Session 7: March 29th - May 1st (closed April 2nd & 3rd)

Session 8: May 3rd - June 4th (closed May 29th - May 31st, June 5th)